This is a new Marvel Fanon-Made Roleplay named Commandments. This is the official page for the RP. This RP takes place in an alternate Marvel dimension known as Earth-420.  

If you want to join this RP, please ask in the comments and you will need most of my approvals to RP in here. Also, you need to have a Marvel OC (Original Character) submitted to this wiki and must share it with us so we know who we are RPing with. The key of the RP that we use:

  • Normal writing is the dialogue between the characters.
  • Italic writing is a special writing type uses for any type of long distance communication or a change in voice.
  • Bold and italic writing are the actions that characters do.
  • Writing in between the *asterisk* means that the character is talking in their heads.

The Current Story Edit

Commandments is a story set in 2082 where having superpowers is in the norm. Lot's of people have superpowers and use them for all sorts of duties in their everyday lives. Obviously this includes crimes and dirty acts. But in some parts of the world people with superpowers are taken hostage and stripped of their powers and possibly killed. These parts of the world are taken over by several organizations since they want to rise over another to control these superpower beings. Since these superpower people are running reckless, these different organizations are trying to stop this and build a way more strict harsh government, possiblying enslaving, these superpowered beings. But our main character Jaden H'el must join one organization that wants to stop all these governments and set the world back to equilibrium, due to his immense powers. Jaden will meet friends in this organization and form new friendships, (if he can) and go all over the world to take parts of the part back.

The Haven Project Edit

The Underground Organization that Jaden is involved in is putting on "The Haven Project" that will focus on setting these superpowered people free and take the world back from the other organizations trying to take back the world from these superpowered people. In the Organization, lots of strong people are being sent all over the world to take these back, but evidently, this isn't working since the organizations are very strong-