IceeAkira: Icee can we hangout tonight

Icee: sure

Akira: awesome thanks icee

Icee: No problem

Akira: so about earlier with the whole accusing you of being jealous thing, you forgive me right (that was on another rp)

Icee: it's okay

Akira: (hugs icee) thanks I really needed that

Akira: so anyway what do you wanna do

Icee: Anything

Akira: okey um oh wanna play the wheel of fortune video game for wii u. Is Andrew around he could be our third player.

Icee: I have no idea

Me: okey then I guess it's just you and me. Oh I thought of something even better...have you heard of five nights at Freddie's

Icee: sounds Great.

Akira: well....let us begin. (Screen says warning: flashing lights,loudness and lots of jump scares)

Icee: pfffft!

Akira: (a few miniuts later) I...I can't believe we got jumps scared. Well....that definetly was nightmare fuel

Akira: I have to go goodnight see ya tomorrow

Akira: hey icee you there. I missed you today. I was hanging out with Everest

Icee: yes

Akira: so how was your day

Akira: shoot I have to go to bed. Sorry goodnight see you tomorrow,I promise (hugs icee)

Akira: morning icee. (sees skye) oh why goodmorning to you too skye

Skye: Hello

Akira: (picks up skye and hugs her) i cant wait until im called on my first mission

(everest walks up to akira.)

Akira:everest did you hear im now graduated from training, your looking at the first offical human paw patrol member....well besides ryder. (hugs everest) i cant wait to start, im excited now that im the new vet member. marshall,ocean and penelope are my medical partners now, how cool is that

Everest: very cool. well i have to go to jakes mountain right now so see you later

Akira: see ya

(at jakes mountain, Everest, Rubble and jake are snowboarding)

(suddenly Everest's board slips and accidentally knocks jake and herself into a cave which gets snowed in)

(Rubble sees)

Rubble: (yells) are you okey in there

Jake: yeah dude but everest hurt her paw, she cant walk

rubble: dont't worry I'm getting Ryder

(back at the lookout)

(Akira is watching Penelope and icee play tag)

Penelope: you can't catch me icee

(chase walks over to Akira as he watches penelope)

Icee: Ya, I can

Akira: (sighs) chase can we talk

chase: sure whats up

akira: well I feel like I wontt be as much as a star as you or the other pups, especially you or skye

Skye: (overhears) what makes you think that

Akira: huh? Oh well, I see all you guys pull off amazing adventures and stuff and....I feel like I wouldntt be that useful in that stuff, like the play you put on or even in an emergency

Skye: awwwwwww thats so sad. Come here (jumps into Akira's arms, hugs Akira and licks him)

Chase: you werentt even here for the play, you joined recently. But dont worry if another one comes up i know youlll be a star like me

Skye: and as far as emergencies go youlll do fine. You wanted to be a vet, you get to rescue and heal animals now

Akira: but your my idol and I wanted to prove myself to you so what if when the time comes

Skye: (licks) you wont i promise (nuzzles Akira)

Akira: thanks skye, thanks chase

both pups: no problem

(icee and Penelope are still running)

Icee: I will get you!!!

(rubble runs into them by accident)

Rubble: sorry guys

Icee: Itss okay Rubble

Ryder: whats up pups

Rubble: Ryder jake and Everest are trapped in a cave at the mountain and Everest hurt herself

Ryder: dontt worry no job is too big no pup is too small

(Ryder Presses the button on his pup pad)

Ryder: paw patrol to the lookout

Icee, And others: Ryder needs us!!

Akira: t-this could be my first mission. Skye, chase im a little nervous

Chase: Itss okay Akira, you will do great.

Akira: thanks chase

(after the elevator scene)

Chase: ready for action Ryder sir

Ryder: alright, Everest and jake are stuck in a cave on the mountain And Everest hurt her paw

All: (gasp)

Ryder: I need....rubble, you can clear those boulders fast

ryder: icee I need you to assist rubble

Icee: lets mush to the rescue

Rubble: rubble on the double

Ryder: and I need.......Akira

Akira: w-wait me

Ryder: yes, I need you to nurse everests paw and make sure that she's alright

Akira: then, letss heal the hurt

the pups: (giggle)

Ryder: skye I need you for an areal view

Skye: "ruff, ruff" letss take to the skys

Ryder: paw patrol is on a roll

(Akira walks towards the slid)

Ryder: wait your ride is down here

Akira: really

(they both go down the pole)

(Akira and Ryder both drive out but Akira is on a vesper decked out with medical gear)

( the quintet head to the mountain)

Ryder: do you see them

Icee: Yes Ryder sir

Ryder: good job (they all park)

Ryder: rubble, icee you know what to do

Rubble and icee: you got it ( they both dig away and get to them)

(Jake gets out holding everest)

Ryder: Akira your up

Akira: right

(he walks up to Everest a little nervously)

Skye: (winks) you can do It i believe in you

(Akira Smiles knowing that he has his hero's support)

(Akira examins Everest)

Akira: shess bleeding, oh what do I do, what do I Do..... Wait I know exactly what to do

Akira: CottenDeploy

(he uses the cotton to absorb the blood)

Akira: stitches deploy

(Akira stitches up her paw)

Akira: finally bandage deploy

(he finishes up by bandaging the paw)

Akira: I-i did it? I DID IT!

Skye: (cheers) I knew you could, way to go

(everest smiles weakly)

Akira: Everest you okey

Everest: (coughs) not really

Akira: dont worry, thermometer deploy

(takes her temperature)

Akira: you got a puppy cold,Ryder we need Marshall's ambulance to get her home

Ryder: imm way ahead of you

(after that they got picked up and they made it back to the lookout)

(Akira is holding Everest swaddled in a blanket)

Ryder: you were all good pups today and you Akira were amazing today

Akira: i was?

Everest: (sneezes)

Akira: bless you

Everest: thank you

Ryder: yeah you were and everyone thinks that too, your a hero today

Akira: I am?

Everest: (sneezes) he sure I-I-i- Achhhhoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Akira: bless you, and thank you

Skye: you see you did prove your self

ryder: how about we celebrate, you can sleepover

Akira: I'd love to besides I still need to take care of Everest

Ryder: yeah good point, you might have to stay here and watch over her recovery

(after a little celebration Akira settled in to the guest room. He had Everest sleep with him while she is recovering)

Akira: goodnight Everest

Everest: goodnight Akira see you tomorrow (licks)

(they fall asleep cuddling)

(Akira wakes up the next morning with a big smile on his face)

Akira: good morning Everest

Everest: Morning

(Akira Hugs everest)

Akira: eventhough it was a day ago I still feel proud of me saving you I felt like a major hero and I dontt feel depressed or even jealous anymore

Akira: but enough about that are you feeling any better today

Everest: itss okey (coughs) and a little

Akira: good

(later that day)

Akira: use this to call me

(gives her a buzzer)

Everest: okey got it (licks) thanks

Akira: no problem

(Akira plays with the pups)

Akira: hey Marshall Heads up

(Marshall catches the frisbee)

Mrashall: (muffled) got it nice throw

Akira: thanks

(Everest buzzes for Akira)

Akira: oh Everest need me brb

(walks to everest's pup house)

Skye: did you notice something different about Akira today

Zuma: yeah he was totally happy today

Marshall: hess been really depressed lately but now hess more happy

Chase: maybe it was that rescue yesterday

Penelope: he must fell pretty proud of himself, he went on his first rescue mission and proved himself like he always wanted to

Marshall: i for one like this new Akira

All pups: agreed

(meanwhile with Akira and Everest)

Akira: what's up everest

Everest: Can i have some chicken soup

Akira: sure

(got her the soup)

Everest: thank you

Akira: your welcome

Skye: (smiles) hey Akira Wanna hang out today

Akira: sure id lovee to hang out with you, I just have to answer when ever Everest calls on her buzzer

Skye: okey, letss head inside

(they walk inside)

Akira: well what do you wanna do today

skye: play pup pup boogie

Akira: alright your on

(they play for a while then rest)

Akira: this week has been awesome, I became a paw patrol member, saved everest, completed my first mission, and we're spending time together. (Hugs skye)

Skye: imm glad your happy, and imm really proud of you (licks)

Akira: thanks skye

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