This is a page for PAW Patrol role plays, to join edit your line for your character in the rp you want

Pups campout RPEdit

Lunar: *sitting on the lookout roof, looking out at the start night over Adventure Bay, keeping watch over her town at night*

Amaris: *asleep on a blanket by his mother, Lunar*

Lunar: *spots the PAW Patrol and thier pups having a campout below* 

(Meanwhile, below, the adults were chatting by the fire with their sleeping puppies)

Bane:There was a pup walking around the around the town he looked like it just picked a fight with a wolverine...because he did. His name is Bane

artemis and co. RPEdit

artemis: (walks around the lookout observing all the new things around her)

artemis: all of this is so new......i really dont fit in......they dont havee tech in the forest

Braxton: Tech? Why ya need tech?

artemis: well Ireally wanna learn to use imm not the odd pup out anymore

Braxton: (chuckles) oh, I get it!

Zuma Rp Edit

Braxton: Hey Zuma!

Zuma: Sup Bwaxton!

Roleplay #4Edit

Chad: Hey, Preslee!

Braxton: Oh, hey, Chad!

Chad: I've got something to show you.

Braxton: Yeah?